Biotica Healthcare Marketing Cincinnati

How we cure  marketing attention deficit.


PREPARE FOR IMPACT. Biotica is a medical marketing agency that makes a big impression to win markets for medical devices companies and healthcare brands.


If prospects aren’t aware of you, we reason, they can’t buy from you.

And, if you can’t sustain an interesting conversation with them through the sale that’s a serious blow to marketing effectiveness

Ergo, more attention and greater engagement increases ROI. And to prove that it’s working, we’ll setup analytics to track progress.

Our work for you will start with a big hello that opens the door to storytelling, education and persuasion across all media - personalized media, websites, social media and print.

Communications know how for doctors, medical device companies, and consumers

As we’re fond of saying, “doctors are people, too.” Just like us landlubbers, they want to be entertained, educated, and enjoy the occasional laugh. Competition is intense, so it helps to have an agency that commands attention with the first impression.

With 20+ years of experience in the healthcare industry, we can walk the talk, explain complicated concepts, and speak with confidence to all of your audiences.

Medical Marketing Services

Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing research
  • Marketing plans
  • Launch planning


  • Print & broadcast
  • Outdoor, transit
  • Guerilla advertising

Social Media

  • Platform setup
  • Content
  • Social Media Management

Content Marketing

  • Whitepapers & blog posts
  • Graphics & video content
  • Automation

Web Design

  • Web design & coding
  • SEO, and SEO copywriting
  • Brand & e-commerce sites

Email Marketing

  • Copy, design & coding
  • Campaign development
  • Email newsletter

Tradeshow Marketing

  • Meeting promotion
  • Pre-show promotion
  • Booth graphics

Public Relations

  • Media placements
  • KOL Support
  • Community relations
Biotica medical marketing agency, Cincinnati

The right agency in the right place.

Biotica is proud to call Cincinnati home, and that’s good news for our clients. The cost of living is much lower than the coasts, which gives us more price flexibility (ask us about the client who paid us in chickens).

Also, the Queen City is packed with video, motion graphic shops, research companies, photographers, and strategists steeped in the marketing ways of Procter and Gamble. Yup, we’ve got talent!

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