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Biionews January 21

Healthcare Marketing Blog

10 Lessons from the Stoics

A Battle Plan for Covid Doldrums

A Stroll Around Our Hometown

Agency Press

Medical Marketing Agency Launches in Cincinnati

13 Apps to Fight Off Cabin Fever

Make Biotica Your Plan B Medical Device Agency

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Bionews June 2020

The future of email marketing is interative

Bionews - March 27, 2021 - Healthcare Marketing News

Healthcare Marketing News, August 2021

Think like a fighter pilot / April 2021

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Planning for your Podcast

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Google My Business Site for Medical

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Hunting down your website's cometition.

Bionews - Healthcare Marketing - October 2020

Try a shandy, gose, or a wheat beer, and stay cool

July 0721

Stoics, Hives, Cookies, A/B Testing | June '21 Bionews -

Bionews May 2021

Put a Chatbot to Work for Your Medical Company

Content Marketing | Biotica Medical Marketing

A Ritual for Banishing Writer's Block

Drill Into Analytics to Improve Healthcare Content Marketing

Getting Started with Healthcare Content Marketing

Manage the Big Fish for More Effective Landing Pages

Use podcasts as a tool to reach doctors and patients

HIPAA Compliance for Healthcare Email Marketing / Biotica / Cincinnati

How to Use Storytelling to Market Your Products

Planning for Medical Device Marketing Podcasts

Ungarble Your Writing about Medical Devices

Milk Your Blog Posts for Every Drop of SEO

Creativity for Healthcare Marketing

Brainstorming Baloney

Carl Sagan's Tips for Critical Thinking

Coffee Shops, Creativity, and Covid

Creativity Ignites During COVID-19

New Experiences Are Good for Your Brain

Design the Perfect Package with Biometric Eye Tracking

Feeling Blocked? The FreeWriter App Can Help.

Keep Your Big Ideas from Slipping Away

Yogic Box Breathing Fights Anxiety


Is COVID-19 messaging too nice?

Communicate with Customers During the Covid-19 Crisis

Handling Isolation Like an Astronaut

How to Become a Recession Bloomer

Great Marketing Strategies Attract and Repel Customers

The Nature Effect and Your Daily Zen

A Checkup from the Neck Up

Relax with Biotica's Summer Solstice Sipper Cocktail

What makes a great tagline?

Conquer decision fatigue to make your brain happy

Turn marketing funnel upside down during a recession

Prioritize like a President with the Eisenhower Box

Email marketing articles

Creative email marketing engage doctors and patients to your message

The importance of bounce rates in medical email marketing

Get More From Your Email with a Dose of List Hygiene

Email is booming. Make it work for you.

The Stats Say, Go with Email Marketing

Email Volume Explodes During COVID-19

A/B Tests Knock Out the Rules of Email

The Future of Email Marketing is Interactive

Why Medical Email Matters

Words that make email SPAM filters grouchy

Employee Guidelines for Sharing Social Media

Feel the Flow and Watch Your Productivity Grow

Healthcare Marketing

10 Ways to Crash a Medical Device Launch

AI Gives Real Help to Medical Marketers / Biotica

How the Availability Bias Gums Up Decision Making

Avoid the Pitfalls of Healthcare Market Research


Bionews | September 2021

Strategies for Competing Against Larger Medical Companies

Doctors Welcome Humor in Advertising

Emotions Fuel Powerful Medical Marketing

Rev Up Your Medical Advertising with Spunky Creative

Healthcare Tradeshows

Healthcare Marketing - The Risks of Playing it Safe

Ad Agency Advice on Choosing an Ad Agency

Why Your Medical Business Craves a Blog

Why Kids Need Less Screen Time and Advertising

Medical Device Sales Tips from the Used Car Lot

Recession Strategies for Medical Marketing

Consumers Aren’t as Keen on Retargeting

To Approve or Not to Approve Work from Your Creative Team?

Turn Healthcare Observances into Marketing Events

Make a Stronger Plan with Traditional and Digital Advertising

The Zeitgeist - Attention Spans Shrink, Gen Z and Emojis, Pantsdrunk

How Content Sweetens SEO

Marketers must wakeup to Black Lives Matter

Marketing Strategy

The Brand Power of Nostalgia

Make Marketing Decisions Like a Fighter Pilot

QR Codes are Hip — Again

Santa, the Making of the Brand

Nail the Strategy to Boost Marketing Results

Survival Strategies for Hospital Marketing

Medical Branding

Brand advocacy for medical companies

Tools to Monitor Your Brand Influence on the Internet

The Brand Opportunities of Non Fungible Tokens

Wassup with Medical Marketing in 2022

News Updates

HIPAA Compliance & Privacy

Write a Website Privacy Policy Worth Showing Off

Public Relations for Medical Marketing

Axe These Pubic Speaking Peccadilloes

Returning to the Office, Post-Covid


The essential freebie no medical marketer should be without

Google Delays Ban on Cookies

RIP Bert. Googles MUM Takes Over.

Mobile First is Now the New SEO Survival Strategy

The Joys of Semantic Search: “Siri, Find Pizza”

Why Brand Name Variations Are Crucial for Search Success

Shutdown Trolls in Your Social Media Feeds

Social Media Articles | Biotica Medical Marketing Company

Rocking B2B Medical Social Media

Handling Negative Reviews on Healthcare Social Media

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Sparkle and Shine

Hashtags, The Low-Cost Strategy for Social Media Success

100+ Healthcare Hashtags to Reach Consumers and Doctors

Make Social Media a Company Thing

Why Doctors and Patients are Wary of Social Media

Using Social Media to Reach Doctors

Show Empathy with Social Media Hashtags

Social Media and PR Tie the Knot

Social Media Etiquette: Tips for the Holidays and Year Round

The Dark Side of Social Media

The Pros and Cons of Healthcare Social Media

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility and CSR Critical During Pandemic

Social Responsibility for Healthcare Marketers

Is Corporate Activism Good Marketing Strategy or Bad Politics?

Start Proofreading with the Most Important Elements

Are thought loops polluting your thinking?

The Brand Opportunities of Non Fungible Tokens


Biotica Booster Wellness Shot

Black Beans and Magnesium for Your Brain

Fight Quarantine Boredom with Board Games

Healthcare Observances

Add These Holiday Beers to Your Shopping List

Cut the Beard for Better Face mask Protection

Make Working From Home Work (Better)

Ophthalmologist Buys the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Robotic Cows: Run Quickly but no Milkshakes

Why We Procrastinate and How to Stop It.

Virtual Presentations that Keep Your Audience Awake and Engaged

Who are you Ticking off When you Leave a Voicemail?

Medical website design

5 Common Mistakes that Implode Websites Before They’re Built

A Non-Geek Tour of Essential SEO Web Code

Google Algorithm Update Rewards Mobility / Biotica Medical

Essential Maintenance for Your Web Tubes

Offer Visitors Fewer Choices and to Boost Conversions

Strategies for Sniffing Out Your Digital Competition

Don't Get Punk'd by Google Analytics

Maximize Website Conversions with Personas

Prepare to Lose Your Web Cookies – Biotica / Cincinnati

Set a Website Budget That's Based on ROI

The QR Code Hits Prime Time – Again

Track Backlinks to Grow SEO

Why Voice Search Is Critical for Healthcare Websites

Is your website passing greenhouse gasses?

7 Reasons Digital Marketing Campaigns Underperform

Why Privacy Policies are Smart Branding

Why in the heck do I need a Google My Business Site?

Words Mean Things. Choose Them Carefully.

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