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Medical trade shows that drive leads and trial

Medical and healthcare companies spend millions on graphics, booths, airfare, accommodations and of course, drayage, to attend major meetings. But often, it’s just a reset of the year before. Staff will stand around bored and complain about the lack of traffic. Visitors may hover around the booth but they’re not engaged in conversation. You’ve lived this, right?

Planning – The Trade Show Guide

We start our trade show planning as far in advance as possible. We’ll focus on new product introductions, booth requirements, and the promotion we’ll use to push attendees to your booth. The result is a hands-on guide for running the show, from email to selling messages complete with timelines, budget and responsibilities.

Tradeshow Strategies for Medical Device Manufacturers


Booth updates and anything complex technically gets handled first. Just check your trade show guide.

Building pre-show excitement

Marketing begins in earnest six- to 6-weeks out from the show. Let’s gin up the excitement with teaser videos and emails, and carefully placed public relations. Do you plan to meet with prospects during the show? Then let’s set up scheduling software to track appointments, send reminders and simplify your life.

The Big Show

The moment of truth. Fortunately, we already have a plan for instantaneously responding to leads and inviting them back for repeat booth visits if appropriate. The video walls go up, and we’ll expertly design your booth graphics to pop and communicate main messages to passersby at a glance.

Post Show

Don’t miss this step. Recontact all of your leads through texts or emails. Remind them of what they saw, touched and felt while the trade show experience is still fresh in their minds.

And, if something breaks, we’ll always be there with plenty of duct tape.

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