Biotica Healthcare Marketing Cincinnati

healthcare email marketing for hospitals and medical devices
  • Full-stack web design, copy, and programming
  • Content support
  • Landing pages and email marketing
  • SEO and maintenance

Healthcare websites that engage, inform and generate leads.

For many medical device companies, hospitals, and clinics, the website is the center of the marketing ecosystem.

To ensure the long-term success of your project, we get the marketing right up front, set performance goals, and focus resources on developing smart websites that generate business results.

And, after 12 years in the digital healthcare space, we also understand the needs of doctors, patients, sales representatives, buyers, distributors, and how to engage these diverse audiences.

Full-stack web capabilities

Biotica handles all aspects of web development: design, copy, programming, maintenance, SEO and content. You’ll benefit from having one point of contact, and a smoother project where everyone has a strong focus on the same goals.

Fresh content made here

Content keeps visitors coming back, builds qualified traffic, and sustains awareness and nurtures leads through sales cycles. We create copy, video, and graphics to provision your site for launch. And we keep it fresh to your visitors and search engines through updates, and content programs that may include a blog, whitepaper downloads, or other content marketing.

Extracting long-term value through SEO and web maintenance

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the way that patients and customers find a practice or company on the web. We lay a strong foundation by organizing and your content around keywords and phrases. But the many onsite, technical and external factors that affect SEO require on-going attention

We warrant our work for a full six months after launch. But every site requires on-going maintenance to remain vital and functioning at peak performance, and to adapt to ever-changing marketing requirements. Our motto is to “maintain what you build.”

How much?

The short answer is our pricing is mid-range. We understand that you have a lower cost and more expensive options. Our goal is to deliver exceptional value at a budget that makes sense vis a’ vis the return you expect. For more, please see our post “Is your new website budgeted for ROI?