Biotica Healthcare Marketing Cincinnati

Medical Website Design

Medical Website Design
  • Web design and programming
  • Mobile responsive sites and smartphone apps
  • Landing pages
  • Search engine optimization (SE0)
  • HIPAA IT audits

The perfect marriage of code monkeys and medical expertise designed for conversions.

OUR EXPERIENCE WITH MEDICAL WEBSITE DESIGN STRETCHES BACK 14 YEARS, when hamsters still powered the Internet. We develop websites compatible with all devices, software, integrations with existing systems, and provide a multi-tiered web maintenance service for sites we’ve built. We focus resources and creativity on communicating brand messages that mean the most.

  1. Before the first line of code is written, we research and produce a web marketing plan. This ensures your site levels up with the competition. And that it doesn’t unwittingly duplicate another site’s look, technical features, design, or color.
  2. Your medical web design cannot be too fast. Slow loading pages are one of the main reasons your visitors leave your website.
  3. Content is Queen. Educate me. Make me look like a genius. Show me pictures and movies. And show me new shiny things all the time.
  4. Maintain what you build. If you have a blog, you’ll need medical content marketing. You may need room for expansion. You’ll need a plan for analytics and how you’ll react to them. And how, by the way, will you get visitors to your site? That’s all about planning and brand strategy, and we figure it out before we write the first line of code.

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