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The shepherd didn't get lost in the woods because his flashlight wasn't strong enough, or he had misbehaving sheep or he didn't have enough bars on his smartphone. He simply didn't know where he was going. That's where strategy comes in at Biotica.

Whether we're addressing your web ecosystem, re-branding, or handling a single project, we consider strategy the cornerstone of our work. We'll do this together, and we'll make sure that the resulting work solves the marketing problem.

What is the problem?

The marketing problem is the barrier that you need to conquer to achieve your goals. Because solving the wrong problem brilliantly, won't get you out of the woods. And before we define that "thing" we need facts.

Research-based planning 

Our goal is to find real information and give our clients a clear vision of the marketplace, product or service and competition without the haze of company Kool-Aid. For medical devices, we've employed quantitative and qualitative research through entire distribution chains.

We perform user studies on web sites to ensure they're effortless to use. And, we use a bevy of tools to evaluate web competition. So what's the payoff? Sometimes it's a stop or go on a product introduction. A picture of the perception gap between your hospital and its neighborhoods. And there is almost always feedback to improve marketing, the product or service itself, and the most likely strategies for success. Whenever possible, we like to talk to distributors, doctors, consumers and hospitals in the field. Those meetings help generate hypotheses for qualitative research and valuable stories for content.

How much should I budget?

A budget should reflect your company's goals, and depend on where you are in the product life cycle. The strategy we develop together will help immensely. We'll be able to isolate priorities and evaluate the budget needed to attain them

We're proud to offer competitive pricing

How do we know? We did the research! We run a lean ship. It also helps that we make Cincinnati home base and everyone who wants to can work remotely.

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