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Email. The Medical Marketers Multi-Tool.

  • Keep hot prospects hot
  • Encourage repeat business
  • Schedule appointments
  • Sustain visibility
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Email is like the color black. It goes with just about anything. We apply it liberally at every stage of the sale, from awareness and education to lead cultivation and direct response. The cost is low, to begin with, and it scales beautifully.
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enewsletter for pharama manufacturer

More healthcare organizations are turning to email

And now, the COVID crisis has email booming. According to Message Gears, open rates, click-thru, overall volume are all up during pandemic.

That’s good, but it’s also more competition. We raise you to the top of the inbox with a liberal application of bold ideas, relevant content, smart design, and testing, testing, and testing.

Testing to increase response

We conduct A/B tests on all of our emails. We pit subject lines against each other and test alternate designs that boost response on individual campaigns and keep programs fresh and updated.

We also respect your brand and your customer relationship by not sending SPAM; and making it easy to unsubscribe without jumping through hoops.

Find out why now is a great time to start an email newsletter.

And we keep your customers happy by honoring our commitment not to send SPAM and allowing them to unsubscribe without jumping through hoops.

The future of email in medical marketing

It’s easy to deride email because it’s long in the tooth in Internet time. But what’s coming down the pike is not your mom’s email. Email is about to become highly interactive with forms, and user gadgets, like accordions, to save space and present itself with functionality similar to a web site.

Personalized email, achieved through artificial intelligence and other tools, sends the most relevant messages based on user website actions.

Bottom line – email is cool for healthcare, and it will never be out of fashion.

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