Biotica Healthcare Marketing Cincinnati

Email Marketing

Drive traffic to:

  • Tradeshow booths
  • Landing page signups
  • e-Newsletters and blog posts
  • Registration pages
  • Ecommerce

Strategy, creative and programming all in one agency

Email is the worker bee of integrated marketing. It gets the right information to the right people. It’s economical and easy to scale. Our team at Biotica has more than a decade’s worth of experience email marketing. Our clients have used email for everything from product introductions to sales contests. More importantly, we help you build bonds and loyalty with your customers.

The Case for Email Marketing

Biotica is geared to handle all aspects of an email program. We’ll develop list building strategies, and match your needs to the right HIPAA compliant emailer.

For more, see our article on HIPAA compliant email marketing,

Continuous improvement

We monitor results and implement on A/B test on just about every mailing. This means more opens and clicks, and improved performance long term.

Are you missing out on the benefits of email marketing?