Biotica Healthcare Marketing Cincinnati


Work at Biotica Health from Anywhere

  1. You love your work
  2. You’re really good at it
  3. You live to create something different
  4. You’re looking for a different style of working

Corporate culture

Bubble bathe, eat, sleep, swear, snack, run, swim, binge watch, belch, fart, drink whatever you want, be nice to your partners, smell bad, smell good, never wash your clothes, crank up your tunes, lunch with your dog but understand that you’ll have to reign it in when you come to our Cincinnati office and meet with clients. Otherwise, do brilliant work, do it on time, and be (or convincingly pretend) to be a good human being. Deal?

Types of employment

All jobs, unless otherwise noted, are hourly rate based on published national rates. We ask for a lot, and our rates reflect that. Part-time and full-time are also available. We will notify you if you are interested..

Click to see of positions that we either currently need, or anticipate needing in the next 6 months.