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Medical Marketing Services

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Our winning proposition

  1. Marketing strategy that defines key benefits to your target audiences
  2. Eye-opening creative ideas that activate eyeballs
  3. The saavyness to create engagement across all digital, social and land-based platforms
  4. The right analytics to measure our progress toward goals

We speak healthcare. No translation required.

Over two decades in medical marketing, we’ve picked up a few things. We know how to justify price for premium equipment and healthcare services. When your brand values are on the line, we know how to fight the competition. We’ve launched countless new products and healthcare startups. And we’ve reignited mature products, and built durable brands for physicians, researchers, scientists, and medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers. and results that go with it.

Hospitals and medical devices need to be noticed, too.

If a tree falls in a forest and nobody notices, it’s a waste of good lumber. The same holds true for medical marketing. That’s why we make sure our clients are heard, and heard often with the people that matter. Failing to breakthrough the din of social media, pop-up ads, and me-too websites is like that tree falling unnoticed in the forest. It’s a throwaway of a budget.

Healthcare Behemoths, or Medical Startups

Biotica wants to work with clients who want aggressive marketing to grow their brands. Whether it’s a few people working in a the next mechanical heart in a garage. Or a healthcare system launching a new cardiovascular unit, you’ll find that Biotica is committed to putting your medical devices or services on the right track to success.

Let’s have a conversation.

Maybe you’re not even looking for an agency at the moment. But wouldn’t it nice to have a super-competent medical marketing agency in your pocket when the need does arise? Call Susan at 513-967-6580.