Biotica Healthcare Marketing Cincinnati

Avure | Healthy Food Processing digital and print campaign
Avure builds $1 million plus machines that make food processing without chemicals.
processing machine keeps food healthy
ad promoted HPP as growing health trend
print advertising for healthy food
Reichert | standing out in a crowded market
The medical examination chair market is crowded with me-too products. We differentiated Reichert by leveraging the name of its home town - Buffalo.
medical equipment ad campaign
ad campaign targets eye doctors
Buffalo ad evokes stability
Reliance Medical | Direct Mail Campaign
This is your basic shock and awe campaign to help our client blast into a new multi-million dollar market. Wacky offers, like the Marshmallow Ignition Sweepstakes, kept doctors engaged over four mailings.
direct mail for medical equipment
Whacky Doug sells medical chairs
Doug uses toes in medical ad
Chair ad features Doug lighting up marshmallows
Catholic Health Partners Interstate and Neighborhood Hospital Billboards
Campaign capitalized on CHP's numerous locations, which made care easily accessible to the entire market
outdoor hospital campaign
hospital billboards on interstate
hospital billboards in neighborhoods
hospital raises brand awareness with cardiology billboard