If you've never seen a Google My Business site, we invite you to scoot over to Biotica's GMB site and take a look. From the outside, it looks like a typical website – The big hero image at the top, a. nice click-to-call our account management team, and three or four rows each of blog posts and photos from Biotica and our events.

Why you need another website in your life?

Do you like free things? Of course you, and the Google My Business Site is free! The only investment is the time it takes to create content, upload it, and maintain it once a month or so. No. 2 You'll benefit from a sly search trick to put your site near the top of Search Results. The typical page Ticking down from the top of a standard results page, you'll notice 5-7 paid search ads, then a sliver of a map with three businesses listed underneath it called the MAP Three Pack, then, finally, the organic begin. After a load of organic results, Google packs in another 8-11 ads.

To make matters worse, your prospective patients don't discern between paid ads and organic listings. Ouch. So five ads and one map pack from the top, the best possible organic result ranks number nine on this page. Sadly, getting to page one of Google is not good enough.

Do you like free things? Of course you do, and the Google My Business Site is free!

So, where does the map pack get its information? You guessed it, your Google My Business site, which infuses data into Google Maps, and other search engines and directories. Having your basic business information consistent across most of the web is worth the price of admission. And it's also is a factor that determines your ranking in search. From the Google perspective, sites start to look untrustworthy when a website has different spellings, phone numbers, or services and products.

The Map Three-Pack expands into the Google Map 10-Pack, which offers more extensive listings of businesses. And, it's also a great place to be — at least until you make the three-pack.

The best way to get started is to sign in to your Google account, run through the registration procedure, and start populating your site with your basic information. You can do the whole shebang over a weekend or pay a company to take it off your hands.

A Google Business Site is a must for medical practices, clinics, and hospitals that do business locally. It's also a benefit to those that don't, like medical device manufacturers.

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