1. The target audience definition isn't precise enough. This should be far beyond basic demographics. Get this right and you'll get the media right. Consider writing a persona.

2. Not understanding the digital media use of the target audience. Whether you're targeting patients, caregivers, OR nurses or other roles, it's doubtful that one platform or media will reach them all.

3. Not testing or monitoring performance through the campaign. Test executions against each other on landing pages, SEM copy, banners, email, etc. Web analytics and media partners should provide the information you need on the fly.

4. Lack of tactical diversity. In most cases, there is not a single digital platform or web tactic that can adequately reach your entire audience. Overlaps are good, and they'll drive more conversions and engagement on social media.

5. Message customization Missing in Action. Are you trying to cover too much ground with your campaign? Focus on market segments and deliver messages customized on social and advertising platform that speak to the needs of each.

6. Integration issues. Social media, social ads, email, landing pages, PR, and support content need to present a uniform and branded message. This can help avoid conflicting messages during the campaign period and ensure that you realize the savings from repurposing content.

7. Technical problems. Here are the big ones: Slow landing page load time; forms that don't work properly; email that doesn't display correctly on mobile or desktop; a landing page is not responsive; or a landing page with a difficult-to-remember or spell URL.