SEO for civilians like this clueless Boomer guy

We wrote ‘SEO for Civilians’ especially for non-geeks, and anyone in the C-Suite or the marketing team who wants to level up. We firmly believe that SEO is most effective when it‘s a team sport, when everyone on your team can participate up and down and across silos. This e-book will give you the foundational information you need to join the conversation. You‘ll learn:

  1. What is SEO?
  2. Why is SEO critical to your website and business success?
  3. An intro to web metrics, including the basic lingo
  4. An explanation of topline performance analytics
  5. How keywords work
  6. Why engaged visitors are worth more
  7. The importance of going local

The more people who level up, the better you can whip up the SEO. Download SEO for Civilians.