Google's latest update places a premium on mobile compatibility

Google rolled out a new algorithm update on April 21, 2021, and it's a big one. Please see the updated information here.

According to Google's Zineb Bahajji, this update will have a more significant impact than Panda (which affected 13% of English queries) or Penguin (which affected 4% of global queries). The new algorithm determines whether a page is mobile-friendly or not and delivers a pass/fail grade. Note that this is the data helps inform the local search results that are so critical for physicians, clinics and hospitals.

Google is deadly serious about dinging sites and pages that aren't mobile-friendly, and rewarding those that are. Just care about the mobile compatibility of your website at least as much as Google, and you'll be fine.

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It's easy to see the reason why nearly 40% of both paid and organic searches come from mobile devices. In some scenarios, mobile is starting to eclipse the amount of desktop traffic.

Mobile–Friendly – How to Get There

The first step is to assess the state of your mobility. If you're starting a site from scratch, there are three options to consider.

  1. Serve up two sites, one for mobile and one for desktop
  2. Use dynamic serving to offer mobile-optimized content
  3. Responsive design – This is the solution Google prefers

There are pros and cons of both approaches. Before you pull the switch, make sure your developer explains them to you.

Use web analytics to assess your site

Google Analytics can provide you with information to grade your site's mobile friendliness. Go to the Behavior Category and set your secondary dimensions to Mobile Device Information. Then scan the pages that have high bounce rates, and find out why. Is its page speed, layout on mobile devices, design, and memory-intensive visuals and video? The possibilities are endless.

So, if your rankings have taken a beating lately, check and see if your mobile-friendly enough. Or, let Biotica take a look under your hood.