working at home during COVID-19So, you’re working from home for the duration. Sure, working in your pajamas is cool, and your dog appreciates all the extra attention, but it can be tricky to stay productive. Here’s a few tips and tools to help, while the world gets the whole pandemic thing straightened out.


It’s important to be able to stay in contact with our workmates. Some tools that make it easier include Slack - a remote messaging and collaboration tool for chatting and working in real time, and HighFive, for video conferencing.


Meetings? We don’t need no stinkin’ meetings. Unless you do. Try Google Hangouts or apps like Zoom or GoToMeeting for face- to-virtual face action.

Project management

Asana, Basecamp or ProofHub.

Cloud Storage

Collaborate on Google Docs and use Dropbox to organize all your resources and make sure everyone who needs access to a document has it. Also, automatic backups.


You may miss the hustle and bustle background noise of the office. Stream some back-of-mind listening music (think classical, jazz, or your favorite John Williams movie soundtrack.) And there’s always YouTube.

Stay Social as Long as We’re Allowed

Don’t forget the social side! Many of us miss the interaction with our fellow human beings, so take a walk, schedule a lunch or happy hour, or Facetime your mom. Just remember to keep your distance. And avoid coughing or sneezing unless you’re willing to become a pariah.