Beer tips for the holiday

Just because we're social distancing doesn't mean we can't enjoy a seasonal beer or three. Here's a list of some of our favorite holiday brews.

Troegs' The Mad Elf
We might pick this one based on the name and label alone, but the honey and cherries make it delicious. Plus, it weighs in at a hefty 11 % alcohol, so it'll keep you warm on a cold winter's night. Just don't plan on taking the sleigh out after a couple of these.

Deschutes Brewery Jubelale
A dark brown ale with spice, toffee, and cocoa notes? Yes, please! As good as a cup of cocoa with extra marshmallows.

Bell's Christmas Ale
This Scotch ale is rich and malty and warms you up like your favorite woolly sweater or a cozy pair of socks.

Sierra Nevada Brewing's Celebration Ale
The only IPA on our list, one has been joining us for the holidays for nearly 40 years. Notes of citrus and pine make this like Christmas in a bottle (there's some fresh hoppy bitterness in there too, but what are the holidays without at least a little bitterness?)

Great Lakes Brewing Company's Christmas Ale
This one's been one of our seasonal favorites for a long time. Notes of honey, cinnamon, and ginger scream Yuletide. Try it in a pint glass rimmed with cinnamon and sugar if you're feeling particularly festive.

Samuel Adams Winter Lager from the Boston Beer Company
This wheat bock beer is usually easy to find and is delicious, to boot, thanks to its orange peel and spice vibe. Sam Adams Holiday White Ale is tasty, too.

Stoke the fire in the fireplace, grab a plate of cookies and a bottle opener, and enjoy. Happy Holidays!