Are you feeling dumber lately? We certainly have those days. The solution, as to most of life’s problems, is eating. We promise that the foods we feature in Brain Buffet will be so tasty, you’ll forget they’re good for you.

Let’s start with Black Beans. They’re an incredibly inexpensive source of protein, so you can spend more on search ads. They’re also contain a yeoman’s dose of magnesium and folate. Studies have shown that magnesium can reverse effects of Alzheimer, and beans are good for your heart, too.

SUBHEAD: Cooking instructions for black beans

Open can. Pour beans into a small kettle. Heat for a while. Eat. You can also make the more complicated dish called Beans and Rice. Buy the pre-cooked packs of brown rice in the refrigerator section of your grocery story. Mix the rice and beans. Throw in some jalapenos or onions, and toss a gob of shredded cheese on it. Heat and eat.