Most of these healthcare social media etiquette tips apply 365 days per year. But we all know that things can get a little wild around the holiday. Snapchat and a few glasses of wine could land you in a heap of trouble with patients, prospects, colleagues and your employer. Let’s start with your company.

Does your company have a social media policy? Review it. If not, be a hero and write one, and save yourself and your colleagues some serious grief. Meanwhile, make sure posts and images fit with your brand and brand tone.

Avoid mixing alcohol and social media. Period. The clever Tweet you just crafted may not seem so brilliant the morning after. Obey this rule over all others.

Practice safe spelling and grammar in any official post. Even well-written posts can get mangled by spell check.

Your Image and Social Media

Celebrations provide opportunities for wonderful, authentic images and video, but be careful what you show. Check the backgrounds of your shots for goofy employees making faces, obscene gestures, or slamming the Santa Pinata a little too enthusiastically.

Fuzzy, poorly framed images reflect poorly on your brand. If you’re serious about your brand image, consider hiring a professional to shoot the event, or identify a photo ace on your staff.

Monitor comments on your post. They could be the target of jilted employees, malcontents and competitors, who are whooping it up at their own party.

Whether it’s business or pleasure, turn on your phone’s silent mode. Dings from notifications and calls screams to your host that you would rather be someplace else. Save the phone checks for strolls outside or trips to the bathroom.

Tweeting while chatting with someone may seem okay in the office when everyone is multi-tasking. But, it’s not acceptable in a social situation.

Your colleagues will spew funny quotes and jokes. Don’t repeat them in your posts unless you obtained permission from the person you’re quoting. Better yet, don’t do it at all. This isn’t a medical conference where everyone is on point.

Don’t be too friendly. It’s easy to get carried away with the holiday spirit when your bonhomie is in full gear. The guideline is that friends don’t Friend spouses, dates, or friends of co-workers.

Off limits posts for the office.

Protect your colleagues by not showing them in compromising positions or fashion malfunctions. Would a patient, customer, or your boss be offended? Don’t do it.
Skip politics and religion. There’s nothing more polarizing. Most organizations, hospitals or medical companies, don’t benefit from association with a religion or political party. To the contrary, it provides a reason for people not to buy from you.

Say thank you. It’s polite, and it casts a friendly light on your brand. Thank your hosts, the restaurant, compliment the chef, and express gratitude to your employees and customers, who make it all possible.

Mind your social media etiquette and have a happy holiday of your choice.

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