Fix your LinkedIn social profile in a few minutes


Have you updated your LinkedIn profile lately? LinkedIn regularly tweaks its format, so taking a gander at your personal page and refreshing it occasionally is a good habit to adopt. An engaging profile assists your business efforts, burnishes your personal brand, and makes you stand out from your competition. Here are eight tips to make your LinkedIn profile pop.

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  1. Have a great profile picture. It's weird how many people still don't have a profile pic. Or have one that's is blurry or 20 years old or shows them doing tequila shots. Our tips: Make it a recent photo, portrait size ratio with your face taking up 60% of the picture, dressed as you would for work. Get a colleague to give you an honest opinion, or better yet, give them a few photos and have them choose one (but make sure it's someone who likes you.) Oh, and choose a cool background pic that makes you stand out. Choose one that has to do with your industry for bonus points.
  2. Make the description at the top of the page more than just your job title. Use the headline field to talk about what makes you the unique person that you are. Feel free to inject your personality (unless you have a terrible personality.)
  3. Liven up your summary. This is the story of you, so make it interesting, engaging, and relevant. When you're drafting it, solicit feedback from friends and colleagues, they'll see things you didn't consider. The summary is your elevator pitch about yourself in the LinkedIn space, so make it worthy.
  4. Edit your skills list. Sure, you're good at everything, but who wants to scroll through an endless list of skills. Pluck the most relevant to what you do and your industry, and prioritize them at the top of the list.
  5. Request recommendations. Just like savvy online shoppers read the reviews, a quality recommendation from a valued colleague or client can make you a product with a 5-star review and free shipping.
  6. Publish your nuggets of wisdom. If you write thought leadership pieces, industry articles, blogs, or white papers, pop them into the Publications section. Let the LinkedIn world know about your expertise.
  7. Share. Posting relevant and engaging content and articles in your feed adds value for your connections and can spark great conversations. When posting, add your thoughts about why you think it matters and invite other folks to chime in.
  8. Find good people to follow. Chances are there are thought leaders in your industry who are pumping out good content on LinkedIn regularly. Find them, follow them, and interact with them!


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