Social media policy

Over 4.6 billion (with a "B"!) people use social media, most of them daily and many while during work hours. That means it's essential to have a social media policy in place to inform employees what is expected of them when it comes to social media and the workplace. Especially when navigating a heavily regulated environment like healthcare. HIPAA, anyone?

Your social media policy is an official company document that provides guidelines for your organization's social media use. It covers your brand's official channels, in addition to how employees use social media.

Some Considerations When Developing Your Social Media Policy:

  • Can employees use personal social accounts on office computers?
  • Confidentiality regarding your organization's internal information.
  • Protecting patient/customer information, including photos.
  • Comply with federal and state regulations as they apply to your industry.
  • Comply with copyright law on social media, for example, the use of copyrighted images.
  • Potential consequences for breaking the rules.
  • Rules are great, but you must enforce them for them to work. And they should be applied equally from the CEO to the new intern.
  • Whether it's okay to mention the company in profile bios and what disclaimers are required.
  • Who should employees talk to if they want to escalate a concern?
  • The requirement to identify themselves as employees when discussing the company or competitors.
  • Restrictions or disclaimers required for testimonials or marketing claims.
  • Where your policy will live, for example, in the employee handbook.
    • How often the policy will be updated. Today's TikTok is tomorrow's Myspace. It's a rapidly changing environment.
    • Have a plan of action in place if a public relations crisis threatens to erupt on social media.

With so many potential pitfalls, social media can seem a little intimidating. But don't be afraid to encourage your employees to share positive information about your company or practice. Social media can be one of the best marketing tools you can implement!

If you need help crafting a social media policy for either your company or practice's official social media channels or guidelines for your employees, drop us a line, we'd be happy to assist!