Google My Business sites for medical devices and doctors

Google My Business – The essential freebie no medical marketer should be without.

There's nothing wrong with free, but it doesn't make the top three reasons that you should set up a Google MyBusiness Sites (GMB):

  • The local Map Pack powered by your GMB site data elevates all of your search rankings
  • Your Google Business Site will build qualified traffic to your company's corporate site
  • The Map Pack, based on local search, helps you compete against larger or similar practices or businesses that aren't in your neighborhood
  • It gives users quick access to succinct information about your company without tracking down the URL of your home web presence.
  • Google My Business targets high-conversion buyers who are in the market for a product or service.
  • And, yes, it's free.

High-intent searches turn into more conversions and sales

Many users tag a location in their search, like examples one and three. Google search always defaults to local search. So, if you live in Hyde Park in Cincinnati and enter the phrase "Joint Replacement Specialist," you'll see search results of specialists in your neighborhood. Consider these three searches,

  1. Orthopedic surgeons
  2. Joint replacement specialists
  3. Directions to Dr. Arban's office

GBM sites and Map Packs build consumer confidence.

GMB site also lends credibility to your business for B2B or B2C customers. "Wow, how did they get the big listing on a map?" If your company has multiple physical locations, such as far-flung sales offices for distributors or a healthcare system, you can list them, and your Minot, North Dakota, operation can pop-up in local searches, too.

What's a Map Pack, and why do I need one?

The Google Map Pack, sometimes called the "Three Pack," is a local search result featured in a box that lists three businesses and highlights them on a map. Other competitors are listed as well, but you'll need to click on a "View More" tab to see them. The listing itself contains your hours of operation, links to driving directions, and your main website. Click on a company in the big three, and you'll see an expanded version of the listing replete with photos and information about your company.

build a Google My Business Site

The Map Pack runs on the information you enter in your Google My Business Site. So, one of the only requirement to play is a Google account.

Building Your Google My Business Site

The GMB site is highly templated and has features similar to your practice or company website: product and service information, photographs, videos, reviews (if you activate them). Your job is to plug in the content. No code required.

Use Biotica's GMB site as an example, or find one that's in your category and locale.

Besides being a standalone website, your GMB site is the data source for your listing on the Local Map Pack. You don't have many design decisions to make other than font and color. You can pluck copy and media from your main website. You'll find sections for product and services and information, a photo gallery, and a blog for short 100- to 300-page articles.

The blog allows you to choose from a set of call-to-action buttons that link to your site. You also find accommodations for special events, which also appear in search, information on how your business handles COVID, a chat function, and your customer reviews. It's quite a robust setup, but you can get started by just entering your essential business information. The site also includes a meaty analytics app to find out what content works, numbers of visitors, and clicks through to the mother ship.

Rules of the Road

Honestly, it's pretty difficult to screw up a GMB site, but it is possible. The worst that can usually happen is that Google may reject a piece of content. For repeat offenders, they suspend your site, and you'll need to apply for reinstatement. And in the worst instance, your site can be canceled, which is very serious and can deep-six your search rankings.

Our guidelines are simple. You'll find them very similar to SEO best practices.
  • Park your adjectives in the basement. GMB sites feed on facts
  • Be truthful and don't make exaggerated claims.
  • Use good grammar and spelling.
  • Check to ensure that critical business information - location and phone number — appear like it does on your main website.
  • If your customer reviews are a bit wobbly, turn them off in the control panel.
  • In most cases, Google offers plenty of room for content, but you shouldn't use all of it! GMB's should be an information snack shop for harried visitors. Remember, your visitors have a good sense of what they want, so keep it short and easily digestible.
Before you embark on your GMB adventure, play it safe and take a minute or two to read Google's guidelines.

Maintain what you build

Keeping your Google My Business site fresh is key to maximizing its ability in search. Add new products. Remove old ones.

The takeaway

Unlike most free stuff, GMB sites can be worth their weight in Bitcoin. GMB's come into play when your customers search for a local provider, making them funnels for local businesses, including physicians, hospitals, and medical device companies.

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