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Hello there,

We just wanted to say "hi" and introduce ourselves if you're not yet familiar with Biotica or Bionews.

We're a medical marketing agency that helps healthcare brands – medical devices and equipment, technology, and specialty clinics – rule their categories.

We launch new products, make marketing work harder, and solve thorny problems, like etching a client's nano-sized logo within a piece of glass. It's all part of the service!

Here are a few of our accomplishments (drumroll)...

  1. We repositioned a client with a declining market share and reversed it into 25 years of record-setting profits.
  2. Recommended a product feature that yielded millions in additional revenue.
  3. Used Peacock power to launch a new product.
  4. We used a residual-free rubber spokesperson for $1.49

There's more, but we want to tantalize you, not bore you to death.

Do you have an immediate need? Would you like to know us better? Set up a 15-minute "Getting to Know You Chat" on my calendar or call 513-967-6480.