So, you’re all vaxed up and ready to head back into the office.

In most offices, pants are not just encouraged but required. And not those comfy ones with the elastic waistband. It's not too early to see if you can squeeze back into your workwear.

You may have to reign in your out-of-control snacking urge. Instead of tackling a particularly onerous (or mundane) task, do you get up and go to the pantry or refrigerator despite having visited the kitchen just a scant 30 minutes ago? While a trip to the kitchen is an excellent procrastination tool while working at home, you might not have that luxury when back in the office. Plan accordingly.

It's time to master the art of inoffensive chit-chat around the water cooler

While at home, your dog lies contentedly at your feet while you stare into your laptop screen. Your cat photobombs your Zoom calls and tries to walk on your keyboard while you type. These little guys have grown used to you being around all day. How will they deal with your absence? Better stock up now on the chew toys and scratching posts.

Practice your small talk. It's been a while since we've talked sports/TV/kids in an office setting. It's time to master the art of inoffensive chit-chat around the water cooler again.

The commute is going to be a drag, so gird your loins now. We're not used to sitting in traffic, and all that time in the car is going to seem like such a waste. On the other hand, you will get to spend more quality time with NPR.

Other things to dread: The laundry will stack up because you can't put in a load of towels on your coffee break. You'll have less time for meal prep—no more running to the stove and stirring the bouillabaisse between calls. You'll have to comb your hair regularly. And no more wearing slippers all day.

But it's not all bad; there is a brighter side. You get to socialize with other humans. There'll be donuts in the break room. And family relations might return to normal since you're not grinding on each other's nerves by being together 24/7.


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