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If you don’t have a media kit, you need one. And if you have one, make sure it’s a good one.

What is it?

A media kit is a public relations tool that shows who your company or brand is and what you do. It can be a document, slideshow, or webpage. It can live on a flash drive, in Dropbox, or on your website. And it's often the first place journalists, potential customers, or other companies go when they want to find out about you. It should contain all the information your collaborators might be looking for.

What to include.

Introduction. Every good relationship starts with an introduction, so introduce yourself. Think of it as the homepage of your website—a snapshot of your brand. And use your brand guidelines when writing it. The introduction should have your brand's look and feel.

Products and services. If you’re a medical device manufacturer, here’s where you can list your product lines. Give the short list of specs but don’t drone on and on. Include quality images and make them available for download at high resolution.

Case Studies or white papers. Have a detailed story to tell? Your media kit is an excellent place for any complex, long-form pieces you've developed. Include a synopsis for those short on time or attention span.

Contacts. Include relevant names and numbers of the right people to contact. Keep it updated.

Good design. Make sure you use your brand's visual guidelines when designing your kit and incorporate compelling imagery. Your media kit will be making the rounds and will often be the first impression someone gets of your company, so make sure it’s on brand.