determine brand influence on the InternetAre you eavesdropping on the Internet for your brand? Are people talking (or typing) about you, and if so, what are they saying? Are you involved in the conversation? Because you should be. And they can be a great window into how your current healthcare marketing campaign is going.

Here are three tools you can use to aid you in your monitoring.

First, make sure you sign up for Google Alerts for your brand names, keywords, and any other subject that might be germane to your marketing efforts (like the competition!) Google Alerts is free (hooray!) and notifies you via email when the words you establish are mentioned on other websites. For example, suppose you've selected the keyword/s cataract surgery. In that case, you'll get alerts when those keywords show up on the Internet, like a news article on an Ophthalmology website about new techniques in cataract surgery. Keep your keyword specific, so your inbox isn't inundated with alerts.

You can customize the service in various ways, including frequency, kind of sites to keep an eye out for, and the type of information you want to receive. Also, did I mention it was free?

For something more robust (and, of course, it comes with a price tag), Talkwalker is a potent tool that provides insights into what’s going on with your brand in online media and across social media channels.

If you’re a consumer-facing company that’s prone to customer complaints in online forums, a tool like this can save your bacon by helping you react quickly. Talkwalker can also help you spot trending stories on your brand and in your industry as they're happening. Plus, it provides tools to help you measure the impact of your social media campaigns, identify influencers for your brand, and provides all the training you'll need to take advantage of all those features.

Another choice is Mention which also helps you monitor key terms across various sources, including news articles, reviews, and blogs. Mention lets you analyze data and determine trends to help with your planning. And speaking of planning, you can use Mention to schedule and publish your social media posts right from the platform. Mention has many plans to choose from, whether you're a medical device manufacturing megalith or a start-up with a fantastic innovative healthcare solution, there's something that will fit the bill.

And if your Social Media Strategy or Public Relations Strategy is to hire someone to take care of all that stuff for you, get in touch.