Rubber Man Case Study

The saga of Bendy, that little fellah above, started with our monthly shipment from Archie McPhee – a large plastic bottle jammed with gewgaws, cheap plastic charms, novelty items, and yes, Bendy. We looked at the emoji-like character, and eureka! The solution to a difficult advertising problem had just dropped onto our laps.

Introducing a New Spokesperson

The campaign introduced three products – a premium examination chair, a budget instrument stand and a room light control. The challenge was to produce a unified campaign under an existing theme, “practically/immortal,” which highlighted the brand’s durability. Enter, Bendy.

Room light remote control
beautiful exam chair
economy instrument stand

Bendy Catches Fire

Bendy created quite a stir in the market, and viral things started to happen. A doctor in Japan mailed a tiny Bendy to our client, a photographer took him on vacation, others brought Bendy ads to tradeshows. Notes and comments ensued. We had a hit on our hands that made a significant contribution to our client’s bottom line. Budget for spokesperson: $1.99.

Do you have a product crying for differentiation? Let’s talk about how we can help, and we’ll send you a free Bendy for your trouble. Call 513-967-6480 or email Susan Abramovitz.