How content gives brands and SEO a boost

Everyone likes quick results. But in marketing, as in life, sometimes it's better to play the long game. Quality marketing takes time. Sure, there are some black hat tactics you can use to boost your site ranking, but those will come back to haunt you. Considered unethical by most and verboten by Google, methods such as keyword stuffing and using hidden text will tank your page when the tricks come to light.

Turn Content into Awesome Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Incoming links to your website are pure gold when it comes to SEO. And how do you get those links? By creating content, people want to read and share. Make it easy for folks to share your blog content by putting social media links right on the page. One click, and boom, they've just tweeted your wisdom to Twitter or shared your latest hot take on LinkedIn.

Put the social in social media

Sure, it's fun to post good content and watch those likes pile up, but how about some engagement! Social media is a chance to talk with customers and potential customers that don't necessarily include a pitch. It's another method of relationship building and finding out what's on your customers' minds and what problems they're hoping to solve. So, fill your social media feed with quality content, and get out there and engage, not just in your feed but others as well.

The relationship between content and public relations.

When you write a pithy blog post about your latest medical device on your company blog, that's content marketing. When a reporter writes about your latest medical device launch, company, that's public relations (PR). So, what's one got to do with the other? When you pitch a journalist, the first thing they do, much like a blind date, is Google you. When they see all the great content on your blog and your fantastic website, they know you're the real deal.

And having easy access to a lot of good information about your company at their fingertips makes their job a whole lot easier. And a whole lot easier to write about your company. And remember that line about SEO and backlinks from the top of this article? An article about you in an industry journal is chef's kiss!

Content makes your other marketing tactics more effective

You have a banner ad on the latest Ophthalmology monthly website. If someone has recently read one of your blog articles or interacted with you on social media, it ups your chances of brand recognition which translates into finger clicks!

Bottom line? Great content elevates your brand, establishes you as a professional, and warms up those folks at the top of the sales funnel, helping them get to know you as a brand.