Retargeting, one of our favorite marketing tools, is falling out of favor.  According to legend, consumers like being retargeting by personalized advertising. Retargeting is the practice of showing your digital ads to your visitors on other websites they visit.

If you’re part of the digital stalking club (we were), a new study by Berkley Law will make your head spin off.

“Most adult Americans (66%) do not want marketers to tailor advertisements to their interests”

A large percentage of this group is unaware of all the ways that ads can be personalized. And, when they’re informed, the percentage surges to 86%.

“Even among young adults,” says the study, “who advertisers often portray as caring little about information privacy, more than half (55%) of 18-24 years-old do not want tailored advertising.”

As a model for future guidelines, the study cites California’s Song-Beverly Credit Card Act, which blocks merchants from asking for additional personal information when a credit card purchase is made.”

This is a big deal for brands. So take action in your practice or hospital to ally consumer concerns over your handling of their personal information.

We’re not claiming the moral high ground here. We’ve used most of these tactics. But, it’s time to change. Look at it as a happy intersection of ethics and marketing opportunism.