laughing man

Do you know who has a sense of humor? Doctors. And lawyers, bus drivers, CEOs, lumberjacks, accountants, etc. (Okay, maybe not accountants.) But most people out there, including those of us in the medical and healthcare field, enjoy a good chuckle.

And when humor is combined with advertising, it sticks with us, just like it does for most other humans, no matter their career field. It’s just how the human brain works. (Check out this study on how humor impacts memory and recall.) Think about the most memorable Superbowl ads. Chances are, it’s either comical or plucks at your heartstrings.

Q: How many eye doctors does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: One... or Two....One…or Two.

What’s this mean to you? Don’t be afraid to use a little wit when marketing to medical professionals. If it’s done well, your healthcare marketing resonates more deeply with your intended audience, makes an emotional connection, and gives them a smile.

Want more proof? Check out this clip of doctors reacting to doctor jokes.

Source: National Institutes of Health

Comments: Ben Singleton