astronaut floating in space

Is gravity weighing your brand down? We'd like to talk to you during a Mini-Meeting, 15 minutes or less. See, here at Biotica, we're in the soaring business. We're a creative marketing agency that helps healthcare companies reach escape velocity with campaigns that draw attention, communicate on-brand, and deliver measurable results. For the receipts, check out our portfolio. You'll find that we shoot for the moon, whether we're designing a small trifold brochure or an all-out media campaign. Also, keep us in mind for your next global effort, and that project you need to be completed scary fast.

The Marketing Astronaut Service Station

Meanwhile, here are a few things you can depend on us from our Marketing Astronaut Service Station:

  • Blog design and blog content that speaks medical
  • Copywriting for everything from whitepapers and social media to email newsletters and email campaigns
  • All things digital, including website design, digital ads, and landing pages
  • Product launches for medical devices and healthcare services
  • Planning for media, marketing, and social media
  • Trade advertising

And, as they say, much, much more. See our services section for the full rundown.

So, give your brand some pop, or heck, join the Biotica Marketing Astronaut Corp and launch it into orbit.

Schedule a Mini-Meeting

If you would like to talk about a project or that global campaign or chat about things marketing, call Susan Abramovitz at 513-967-6480 to schedule a Mini Meeting. We promise to keep your meeting at 15 minutes or less, about the length of a venti latte break.

Comments: Bill Abramovitz