TikTok takes over

Healthcare brands are getting their brands heard through a shift to audio over music streaming — think Spotify and Pandora —Smart Speakers like Alexa, and an overwhelming preference for audio by consumers.

"When Veeva Crossix released its "2022 Trends in Health Advertising" report in May, it documented a large jump in audio marketing among health brands, including pharma."

Why Audio is so Effective

There are several reasons why audio has grown in popularity. It is, after all, the ultimate personal media, which winds its way through showers, long commutes, and sweating at the gym. Minus the transmitters and a few satellites, the narrator on a podcast or an audio ad is just a couple feet from your ear, so the delivery is one-on-one, like a doctor talking to you about your blood pressure. Though audio is utilized across the healthcare spectrum, the intimacy of the medium is particularly well suited to HCPs, women's health, prevention, and pharma.

Audio Versus Video Podcasts

In the world of podcasting, audio-only formats are the overwhelming choice of consumers. Think about the times when you're free to listen to audio but not watch a screen. And high-quality audio is much less expensive to buy and produce than its video and vlog cousins. The driver behind the popularity of audio is the change in consumer habits during the pandemic when screen fatigue set in due to endless video conferencing and check-ins. And remote workers used audio to combat loneliness and the newfound quiet of their home offices.

“The pandemic changed how people consumed media, and now you're seeing brands meet consumers where they are,” explained Sarah Caldwell, Veeva Crossix Analytics general manager.

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