Advertising Emergency Case Study

Nimble and experienced, Biotica is built for medical ad emergencies. For example, this two-page spread for Wizard Research’s Dry Eye Mask. Our charge was to re-concept, rewrite, and re-design Wizard’s ad and deliver it to the publisher within six days. Despite the tight deadline, we took the time to review competitive ophthalmic ads wall with the goal of making the new ad pop in the publications. Most ads in this category are packed with scientific information and bullet points, although only 23% of readers venture into body copy. Our approach was to demonstrate a simple benefit to the patient and communicate it quickly in the headline. Look for the Ahhh Factor to be a thing for the brand in the future.



Though rush projects aren’t an ideal way to roll, ad emergencies are inevitable, and we pride ourselves on being able to respond to them. The next time you have an overflow issue or a last-minute need, think Biotica. Let us show you how we come through in a clutch. Do you need an ER visit? Call Susan Abramovitz at 513-967-6480 for more, and we’ll get started right away.

Comments: Bill Abramovitz