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Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, here comes another "trends to watch in 2022" listicle. But this one has the hot take on what to look for if you’re in the medical and healthcare marketing B2B space. So just read this one and go back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Here’s what our informed sources are telling us about 2022.

Retain existing customers. Sure, attracting new customers is sexy, and we love it. But don't forget about your current customer list. We all know the old saw that it's easier to keep an existing customer than attract a new one. Are you keeping your old customers informed about your new medical device lines or product upgrades? Do you have new services they can use? Are they planning new services you can help with? And make sure they know how much you appreciate them.

Virtually virtual. While things are loosening up COVID-wise, don't scrap all your virtual strategies just yet. Business travel is still down, web meetings are still de rigueur, and while many trade shows are back up and running, they're not as robust as they were. Continue to plan for virtual trade shows, online training and seminars, virtual product demonstrations, and social media for outreach.

Push send on those emails. Speaking of reaching your customer base electronically, email remains one of the most cost-effective ways of communicating with your customers. Email helps you stay top-of-mind and is a great way to reach out with new product offerings and incentives to your existing customers and prospects.

Content Marking is still cool. Continue populating your blog with informative and creative content, building SEO, and driving traffic to your website. Content marketing can establish you as a subject matter expert, introduce your new products to prospects, and answer customer questions.

Make it authentic. Make sure your emails, content marketing, social media posts, and all advertising speaks with one brand voice, and that voice is genuine and authentic. It was true for Holden Caulfield, and it's true for everyone else: We all hate a phony.

Mobile or bust. If your content is not mobile-responsive, you are waaayyy behind. Over 80 percent of folks use their smartphones to view most content. Have you pulled up a website or email on your phone that isn’t formatted for mobile? That, my friends, is an instant deal-breaker for most people. Get all your digital content mobile-ready ASAP.

Comments: Ben Singleton