the case for e-newsletters

It's the perfect time for healthcare emails

One of the biggest marketing challenges during an economic downturn is maintaining and brand awareness with current and prospective customers. This audience is a prime audience to lift your sales during and after the recovery. This job was built for email newsletters.

The demand hasn't evaporated for medical devices and healthcare services during the pandemic. It's just bottled up and waiting for the recovery to uncork. So it's crucial to keep your brand top-of-mind and nurture demand. Cash might be flowing slowly, but attention to digital media has mushroomed. Our recession marketing post delves into the strategy behind this.

The message you need to communicate now

E-newsletters inspire loyalty by presenting a well-rounded image of your brand and the people behind it. Your content can range from education about your product – awesome for justifying price – to human interest snapshots that capture your people and the values of your brand.

The price is right

At first blush, you have to love the price. Email has one of the lowest costs per thousand (CPM) of all marketing tactics. It targets your most important audiences, current customers, and prospects edging toward the bottom of the sales funnel waiting to be converted. Depending on production demands, you can launch an email newsletter for an initial list of 1,000 recipients for a CPM of $5 to $9. The low cost of scaling up email makes it more than worthwhile to fatten up your list.

Amp up web traffic

Our e-newsletters tease articles (blog posts) on our clients' websites, so every click-thru accounts for at least one unit of traffic. This carry-on effect exponentially multiplies when content is shared within a company or on social media. Aside from organic search, e-newsletters can become a powerful driver of web traffic. Make that qualified web traffic!

Boost value by repurposing content

Content produced for your e-newsletter is also a treasure trove for other digital platforms, such as Tweets, LinkedIn articles, Insta for people pieces, FAQs, and a narrated version for a podcast. Salespeople can use a log of your posts to share articles with prospects by sending them back to your website.

A performance advantage through analytics

Email newsletters will improve continuing improvement. A/B and multivariant testing. And tracking will help refine your approach based on who's clicking on what, what topics are popular, and the time spent with the content on your website.

Meanwhile, statistics from your email platform, such as open and click-thru rates, will give you a quick read on ROI.


Email newsletters have a unique ability to influence and nurture prospects toward an eventual sale by maintaining brand awareness and increasing loyalty. This is a cost-effective tactic that creates content that drives web and social media traffic.

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