email volume doubles during COVID

Besides showering less, architecting our hair, and gobbling down therapeutic treats, we are going wild on email. According to Hubspot marketers, overall email usage has bumped up 49 percent. That's huge! And digital analytics firm Glance digital has tracked a boost in business email engagement (clicking) of over 190 percent. More traffic, more clicking, it's inbound marketing nirvana.

Inken Kuhlmann-Rhinow, EMEA Marketing Director at HubSpot, has sage advice: "With 44% more emails being sent than before the COVID outbreak, getting an email strategy right is essential. And, marketers need to be targeted, educational, and empathetic. This is a difficult time, and simply being noisier to maintain consumer attention won't work in the long run – it's about growing better, not growing at all costs."

The healthcare sector has joined the party, too, with a 37% increase in business to consumer email.

While email response is soaring, most websites are taking a hit on traffic; anywhere from 14 percent and more, and Pageviews (the number of pages seen per visit) have declined 27%. Pageviews by returning visitors are up 15%.

As external pressures mount and there are fewer buyers in the market, there aren't as many people exploring healthcare service options. In the hospital arena, there's another epidemic, the patients who need treatment but who are avoiding hospitals due to COVID. Core audiences remain intact, so focus your energy on your core products and services.

Consider the alternatives

Are you looking for other media opportunities? Paid search ads (SEM) and social media advertising provide a bright spot for digital marketers. Explore online communities relevant to your mission, too. They're on a roll, also, with a 31 percent traffic increase. The marketing landscape is changing quickly. Stay close to your patients and customers, and focus on the core.