Illustration of A/B Testing

One of the beauties of email marketing is that it’s eminently trackable. And people up and down the food chain can benefit from your stats. Your boss may want the ROI, like “show me the money” but internally, your content and web team can benefit from the data to improve content, design, and copy.

1. List size

Email list are major marketing assets and are subject to attrition from unsubscribed prospects or customers, incorrect addresses, and, we hope not, SPAM outs. The point is that your list shrinks every month, which means you need to replace loss subscribers and build the list.

2.Open rate

The open rate is determined by the subject line and the from address. Ideally, the from address is someone who the subscriber knows, for example, the marketing director. Open rates will vary from campaign to campaign, so we like to trend them in our digital reports.

3. Click-thru rate

If your goal is to convert visitors on your site, the click-thru rate is paramount, which is affected by design, color, copy, and the relevance, quality, and quantity of the content. A/B or multivariant testing will help you improve with all these factors.

4. Top Content

Most email platform breakdowns allow you to see what was clicked on and how many times. This is useful, especially with email newsletter, to learn what’s content is popular. It’s a gold mine for editorial planning.

5. Bounces

In email, a bounce means that the end user didn’t receive the email. There’s a panoply of reasons why that’s possible. The subscriber jumped jobs and the address is no longer viable. The recipient’s server rejected your email. This may be because your content includes trigger words like “free offer”, “new”, or “for a limited time.”

6. Unsubscribes

No matter how fabulous your email, some subscribers will get tired of it. Treat them well, offer a one-click unsubscribe, and they may join your list again. Other causes might be technical, like bad links or slow download times. Keep this under 1% before you swing into full-bore diagnostic mode.

7. Time of Day, Day of Week

The time and day you send email can have a tremendous impact on your email performance. This isn’t a true KPI but take notes and keep refining until you find your sweet spot for blast off.

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