B2C and B2B Email marketing is one of our most powerful and economical tools for healthcare marketing. We’re always trying to make it better for ourselves and our clients. We hope you’ll find these stats as inspiring as we do.

54% of all email is opened on a mobile device. Check your email for mobile compatibility on a platform like Litmus. In particular, make sure that it renders perfectly on the main mobile browsers used by your subscribers.

80% of people only scan your email. Make your images bold, and your headlines provocative. Give them something to take away for their trouble.

Relevant emails drive greater engagement and ROI.”Relevant” starts with segmenting your list and tuning the content to those subscribers.

Nurtured leads are 50% more likely to convert and make larger purchases
than non-nurtured leads. Define a trigger, say downloading a services pdf, and create an automated series that delivers your best content on that particular offering.

Make your email pudgy finger proof

The human fingertip is round and some of us have over-sized paws. Keep this in mind when designing links or buttons for mobile. Try to keep at least 15 pixels clear around button and link elements to make them easier targets.

58% of adults check email first thing in the morning.
Try sending earlier in the day, and, if your company has a national or international reach, find an email service that can send mail in each subscriber’s time zone.

Our brains process images 60,000x faster than text.
Try telling your story with more images and graphics than words.

Most of us check our phone 150-times-a day.
Think about the social platforms that your subscribers use on their phone and promote your email content and subscriptions there.

iPhone will cut off subject line more than 32 characters. Put the most important words in your subject line first. We call them the weirdo words because it’s hard to scan over them. For example, “Announcing our new app for tracking heart rate” vs. “Beating hearts love our new heart rate app.”

Animated gifs increase click rates 42%, conversion rates 130%, and revenue 109%. Plus, they’re darn good fun.

Automated emails, triggered by a user action on your site, receive 152% higher click rates than mass mailings. Make your welcome emails work harder by cross-promoting social media.

The numero uno reason for unsubscribing? Users say too many emails.
Make the content and imagery of your emails the best part of your patient’s inbox, and you will be rewarded. When your spam-out rate starts to climb, take a hard look at your content.

Adding video to your emails can increase click rates by
300 %. Use a screenshot of your video and link it to the hosted version online.

Sources for email statistics

The statistics in this article come from Gigaom Research, Demand Metric, KissmetricsMarketingsherpa,  Nielsen Norman Group

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