Creative impact for successful healthcare marketing

Email marketing campaigns and email newsletters are packed with visual eye candy. And no wonder. It only takes 13 milliseconds to process an image in an email campaign compared to a lowly sentence like this, which will eat up seconds of your life. Some information is so compelling that readers will lap it up sans pictures. Think Hemingway. Clipped. Short. Powerful. But writers need to fight back with a few techniques:

Don’t skimp on subheads. Tuck in a keyword, and they not only break-up copy, they give your search engine optimization (SEO) a kick.

Use bullets

. Bulleted or numbered list are easy to scan, and they usually trim your word count.
Forget literary conventions like setting scenes and characters. You have two paragraphs max to tell the reader why she should read your copy.

Give Email Marketing and Websites The Design Juice They Need to Flourish

  1. Creating open inviting spaces for words instead of jammed up hellholes
  2. Don’t skimp on font size and the space between lines
  3. Use color in your style for subheads
    Play with font size and color, for example, an introductory paragraph could be 1.5x the size of the normal font

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