Hey Medical Companies and Practices!

Now isn’t the time to clam up. Sure, we’re all hunkering down in our home offices and sharing office space with kids and pets. But your customers (and potential customers) need to know that you’re still out there and that you’re strong, resilient, and thinking about them.

If you’re not sending out messaging and content, you’re missing a golden opportunity to reach clients while other companies are still trying to decide how to hold a virtual meeting.

Think about your customers and what they need from you right now. Can you provide online training for medical devices or product demonstrations for them? How about updates on your supply chain. Or features on your employees and their tips, tricks and hacks for adapting during this crisis. Chances are, they’re finding themselves behind a computer screen at home, wondering when things are going to return to normal. Your communication with them provides reassurance that normalcy will return.

Think about ways to reallocate those trade show budgets that won’t be used. Webinars? Online Demos? Strengthen your focus on web marketing to maintain normality, and you’ll find you have a competitive edge over competitors who are slower to react.

And every communication doesn’t have to be related to your primary business. Some ideas include fun hand-washing graphics. Or coloring pages they can print out and give to the pint-size office mates who now share their workspace. Or tips on reducing anxiety. Let your clients know you care! And how about some humor, for goodness’ sake. Everyone could use a chuckle right now.

Start by helping others

This is a good time to think about what you might be able to provide for the public good. Can you get your hands on some personal protective gear that you could donate to first responders or medical staff? Do you have equipment you could donate or loan that could make a difference in public health?

Or do you have the expertise to share? Blood supplies are short, so can you muster employees to head down to the local blood bank or provide information about donating to the masses? Sharing the good you’re doing goes a long way to letting people know we’re all in this together.

Hang in there. Do good work. And if we can help, please reach out to us.

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