Toothbrush mailbox

Advertising agencies don't have a lock on great creative ideas. Some of the best are the handiwork of "normal" people. You'll find them in the signs at the carwash, chalk-written menus of an outdoor café, graffiti, or in the example below, a dentist who fashioned his mailbox into a toothbrush. On a trip to San Francisco, we found a group of homeless people asking for donations. One sign held up proudly said, "Visions of a Cheeseburger." That one caught our eye. In three short words scrawled on a piece of cardboard, the ask was clear, enough money for a cheeseburger, and we found out the purpose of the donation. It was clever, and it popped out from the other signs. A stroke of brilliance, we say.

shop sign

We call these Accidental Ads (#EveryDayAds), and we want to see more! We plan to collect them and share them on our Twitter account, @BioticaHealth. Attach your snaps and send them to We'll credit you and your Twitter handle unless you tell us not to.

Do you see Accidental Ads in your community or travels? Share them so we can all appreciate the creativity that burns inside everyone.

Comments: Bill Abramovitz