LinkedIn's problem with links


Want a decent copywriter without paying healthcare benefits? might be for you. It's simple to do. Enter all your inputs, like copy points and keywords, and let craft the writing.

AI cowriting involves collaborating with artificial intelligence on a writing task. The key word here is collaboration. You'll still need someone with marketing savvy to ensure that you get the right inputs. The axiom "Garbage in. Garbage out" still holds. Use to generate blog posts, meta descriptions, search ads, product descriptions, and ad headlines. Companies use AI copywriting to save time and money. Consider the non-edited paragraph below that we asked to write about itself: is a web-based artificial intelligence application that helps write blog copy, articles, and web pages. One of many such applications, like Parsely and Helport, mimics the language used in your most popular posts.

Not bad, huh?

You might let AI run on its own. But it can also improve content quality and decrease the time spent writing. AI can also help you shake loose ideas, like a digital muse, when your mind is blank, and the clock is ticking.

Should copywriters be worried about AI writing? Maybe a tad, but it should free them up to focus on intangibles, like brand tone, empathy, authenticity, style, and strategy. So far, AI isn't there yet.

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