squeeze content ROI

Anyone who creates content regularly knows that, at times, it can become a slog. Sometimes the well of creativity dries up, or other duties and deadlines infringe on your content creation time. Here are a few tips to get the most out of the content you've already created by repurposing it.

Maximize your Blog Posts.

If you have a blog as part of your healthcare marketing strategy, that’s a great source to mine for additional content.

  • Make your blog posts part of a regular E-Newsletter that goes out to your customer base (and drives traffic to your website!)
  • Turn data and statistics from your blog post into infographics.
  • Convert a blog post into a SlideShare by reorganizing the information and adding visuals. A slide deck is a great way to present information to those of us that lack the attention span to make it all the way through a blog post.
  • Adapt a blog post into a video. Grab your most camera-friendly teammate and work your blog post into a script for them to read on camera. Voila! YouTube content!
  • Create a white paper or eBook. Expand an existing blog post by digging into the subject matter and covering all aspects of the topic. Just remember to keep it interesting.
  • Podcasting! Rework your blog post into a podcast script and get your co-worker with the radio voice to record.
  • Pull pithy quotes, interesting data points, salient information, and summations and turn them into tweets, Facebook, and LinkedIn posts. Heck, make a TikTok about it!

Repurpose your Videos.

  • Edit snack-sized videos. If creating videos is part of your content marketing strategy, clip out smaller portions and use them on social media. For example, if you have a video showcasing all the ways your surgical laser is the best for cataract surgery, pull out a section that shows one feature of the medical device and make that the topic of the short version. If you have seven features discussed in the big video, you’ve now added seven smaller videos to your content marketing queue.
  • Turn your videos into podcasts. The heavy lifting is already done, just reconfigure as an audio package, add an intro and outro, upload to the appropriate platform, and you're in the podcasting business.
  • Transcribe it. The content of any videos you create can be transcribed and molded into a blog post.

Social Media Roulette

  • The social media posts you create for one platform can be used on other platforms. For example, expand the Tweet and photo about your new medical device into a LinkedIn article. The trick is ensuring the post matches the platform in tone and structure

Bonus: Repurposing content can boost your SEO. Search engines recognize you as an authority when you have multiple pieces of content centered around similar targeted keywords. If you'd like help making sure your content marketing expands to its total capacity, or if you need some help generating content, drop us a line!