In this age of multi-tasking, podcasts have become the perfect vehicle for those of us who hate to let any sliver of time slip away without wringing all we can from it. Going on a 30-minute run? Catch up on the latest crime serial podcast. Long commute? Get the daily news from the New York Times’ The Daily podcast. 

Landing squarely in the middle of a Venn diagram of information and entertainment, podcasts have become de rigueur for those of us who fancy ourselves models of efficiency. Or maybe we just like listening to a ripping good yarn in our earbuds. Whatever the case, add podcasts to your content marketing mix as a perfect vehicle for hospitals to reach many different audiences, from patients and potential patients to doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Podcasts can showcase specialties, programs, research, and healthcare professionals, enabling the audience to get familiar (and comfortable) with your medical center before ever stepping foot through the door. 

Ideas for Health-Related Patient Podcasts 

For patients and potential patients, an educational series on common procedures including pre- and post-operation guidelines goes a long way into easing anxiety and making sure the patient has the best possible outcome. Here are a few more topics that make excellent podcasts: 

  • Testimonials from prior patients talking through their experiences and giving details and expectations from the patient viewpoint.  
  • Warning signs for potentially critical problems like heart disease, strokes, and diabetes
  • Sports medicine: Advice for active athletes and weekend warriors
  • Orthopedic issues like knee replacements  
  • Pre-op checklists for patients going into surgery   
  • Staying healthy, as we grow older    
  • Women’s health issues  
  • Diabetes management    
  • Insurance dos, don’ts and how-tos

Programs can even get a little more esoteric, encompassing wellness for both mind and body.

  • Mindfulness and its effect on our health   
  • Healthy habits for a healthy body  
  • The importance of diet and exercise 
  • Tips for smoking cessation

Portable Content for the Health Care Professional

And while podcasts are a great way to inform patients, they can be equally effective at reaching your staff. Here are a few topics that are hits with health care professionals:

  • The latest techniques in a particular field   
  • Interviews with doctors at the forefront of research and treatment in a specialty    
  • Cultivating empathy and connecting with patients
  • Coping with insurance and paperwork
  • Continuing medical education
  • If you have doctors and researchers publishing, turn their papers into podcasts

Podcasts can help launch a hospital as the go-to for all health-related issues by establishing themselves as thought leaders, subject matter experts and the place to go for all cutting-edge medical knowledge and treatments.  The only caveat is to make sure to take a strategic approach when building your podcast plan and that the quality of the podcasts is topnotch. You want it to be a reflection of the professionalism of your brand. And for an even wider reach, make your podcasts available in a secondary language.