Don't let content deadlines interfere with your life – dance recitals, soccer games, and, of course, Happy Hours.

Stop staring at the wall trying to summon the words, or stress-eating peanut M&Ms? Let our Biotica writers do it for you. They all have at least more than a decade's worth of experience writing for healthcare clients, and medical devices and equipment.

Delegate the wordsmithing


Our experienced medical writing team will find the right words for anything medical, like last-minute press releases, brochures, ads, white papers, blog posts, SEO copy, newsletter stories, video scripts, and the occasional "Dear John" letter.

Use your in-house talent or external firm for design, and we'll wrangle the words.

Buy the copy, not the whole agency


When you tap Biotica for writing you'll find it notable for what you get – expert medical copy at fair prices – and the joys of not ponying up for health insurance, 401Ks, onboarding time, gnarly employee vacations, personal days, and yes, and a little whining.

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Call Susan Abramovitz at 513-967-6480 to learn about our content services and pricing or visit our contact page to request a quote We'll get you back to Happy Hour, carefree weekends, and the beverage of your choice ASAP.