September 2019


Biotica Agency News

Batten Down The Hatches Your Internet Medical Devices are Vulnerable!

According to a recent study by Irdeto (a cybersecurity firm) 82 percent of healthcare organizations IoT (that’s Internet of Things) devices have been targeted by cyberattacks in the past year. So, if you own, manufacturer or distribute medical devices that connect to the internet, make sure security is front of mind and is updated frequently to combat those pesky hackers.


PR and pharmaceutical industry

Big pharma and the healthcare industry have a PR problem

In a recent Gallup poll taking a look at how Americans view major industries, Pharma came in last with 58% of respondents taking a negative view, replacing the federal government at the bottom of the list. The healthcare industry didn’t fare much better, with 48 percent feeling a negative vibe toward healthcare providers. and only 27% taking a positive one.Politicians making healthcare reform a big part of their platforms, publicized lawsuits against Pharmaceutical companies and the opioid crises in the news were all seen as reasons for the decline in the popularity contest.


Biotica Agency News

Can Dr. Alexa diagnose your Sniffles?

Soon Amazon’s Echo might be able to detect your cold, according to a recent patent filed by Amazon. By analyzing the tone and timbre of your voice, along with tell-tall signs like sneezing and coughing, Alexa might be able to confirm what your spouse has been telling you for days. Now take your Vitamin C!


Biotica Agency News

Look on the bright side of life if you want to live (longer)

If you needed another reason to be a Glass-Half-Fuller, a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science showed optimists lived up to 15 percent longer than their Debbie Downer counterparts. Researchers analyzed data from more than 69,000 women and 1,400 men that had been gathered as parts of the Nurses’ Health Study and the Veterans Affairs Normative Aging Study.


marketing of CBD

Is CBD Snake Oil or a Hemp-Freakin’-tastic Healer?

CBD-touted to cure everything from glaucoma to gout, this magic elixir is getting mixed into drinks, snacks, ointments, tinctures, and even beer. And while the data is still out on what it can and can’t do, there is science that shows how the chemicals in CBD head straight for a variety of receptors in our cells.

Meanwhile, we’re watching all the wellness trend products adding CBD to their recipes and CBD stores, pop-up shops and even your corner Walgreen’s peddling it like a panacea.

CBD has definitely been an elixir for farmers searching for a cash crop to replace tobacco. It’s been estimated that growers could rake in a cool $30,000 per acre (versus $500 or so for soybean) while the demand for CBD is so…high.