Mobile apps to entertain, inform, and keep you from going nuts

If being confined to your home base is starting to take its toll on your mental and physical well-being, your smartphone may contain a remedy (or remedies.) Here are a few apps that will help you outlast the Covid-19 quarantine, and maybe even come out on the other side more mentally and physically fit.

Meditation apps like Headspace, Stop, Breathe, Think or Calm can help you get centered, improve your focus, and help you maintain a sense of well-being.

Library app. Libby hooks you up with eBooks and audiobooks as well as helps you manage your library loans.

If you don’t like the quiet, check out Noisli for endless streams of sounds from babbling brooks to coffee shops. Just the ticket when your house feels too quiet.

Brain.FM. Algorithmically (and, hey, who doesn’t love a good algorithm?) generates playlists to boost productivity, chill you out, or help you sleep.

Sure, there’s all that streaming content on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. but which shows are on what platform. JustWatch helps you figure that out.

Google Duo. Video chat with up to eight folks and it works on Apple Ios, Android and the web. Plus, it has filters and effects to delight (and by delight, we mean annoy) your friends.

House Party. Like a real house party but without all the sharing of viruses! This video chat app includes games and such.

Peloton. For those who like to be berated while they exercise.

Minecraft. A game world that’s usually a bit easier than the real world.

Nuzzel. When you want your social media and news in digest form. Available from Google Play and Apple's app store

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