mental health during covid

Things suck out in the world. And there's not too much we can do about it, which means our mental health is taking a beating. Do you find yourself sleeping and eating all the time, flaring up over imagined slights, and not feeling your usual joi d vivre? First things first, you need to know it's okay. You're in good company, like all of us, the raw uncertainty of the moment, coupled with the stress of isolation, takes us all down a peg.

So, what are we going to do? Fight back. We're going to set melancholy and depression back on their heels. Here are the basics: Get enough sleep, and practice good sleep hygiene. Go bed and rise at the same time every day. Ratchet back your activity before hopping in the sack, which means staying away from all your screens and TV. Watch your caffeine indicate, especially in soda.

If your skies are dark and grey, like they are in Cincinnati right now, you might consider buying a light that provides the full spectrum of what our sun gives us. Use one as a desk lamp while you work or wherever you're holing up. They help.

Here's a touchy one, consider cutting back on your drinking. It's delicious and all that, but it messes with your serotonin levels and sleep cycle.

The best medicine is to reach out and talk to a real person on the phone, in person, or on a video call. Because we are in this together. See you on the other side!