Unplugging from work

It's the time of year when many of us take a break from the daily grind and take a few deep breaths and enjoy a well-earned break. Or at least we try. Data from a LinkedIn survey revealed that about 53 percent of us don't fully disconnect from work, and more than 30 percent of us check in with the office while we are supposed to be getting our holiday on. Not unplugging can create a host of problems, including hypertension, heart disease, and ulcers. And you remember what happened to that workaholic Ebenezer Scrooge; he got the crap haunted out of him!

So, plan to get your critical projects completed before your break, learn to delegate, and set your out-of-office note on your email and voicemail. Then make a concerted effort to relax! In that spirit, here are a few things to do instead of work over the holidays.

Be more present. If you're playing board games, attending a holiday open house, or watching your favorite holiday movie with the kids, put your phone away and concentrate on being in the moment.

Take a break from social media. Enjoy the feeling of having no idea what the latest political outrage is or what your cousin is having for dinner.

Get outside. Winter hikes are a great way to get a little exercise and enjoy the rejuvenating effects of nature. And if you're lucky enough to have snow, get out your sleds, your skis, or your snowshoes. Plus, there are no mosquitos in the winter.

Movie marathon. Take time to catch up on all those movies everyone is talking about, but you haven't had time to see.

Read a book. Remember good, old-fashioned, page-turning books? Make yourself a cup of tea and curl up with a good one. Pure luxury!

Go caroling. Does anyone even do this anymore? You bet they do! Grab a few friends, print out your favorite carols, and stand outside people's houses belting out holiday tunes. With the advent of Ring cameras, though, be aware that you could end up being the next YouTube or TikTok sensation.

Spend time with family and friends. Spend some of that hard-earned time off reconnecting with those you love.

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