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Biotica Medical Marketing Puts the Wind at Your Back

Why Biotica? Why now? Recessions, recoveries and their pandemic brethren are kind of our thing. In fact, we launched our company during the business upheavals of the early aughts. Things were so rough, one client payed their bill with fresh, will work for poultry Amish chickens. We not only have experience with recession strategies , we’ve applied them with great success to physician practices and medical device companies.

Seeking opportunity during a downturn may sound counterintuitive, but this is the best time to raise your profile to attract new patients and customers and to cement your current relationships. Note: our clients have thrived during the recession and gained market afterward.

The marketing flexibility of 20 yogis.

You’ll like Biotica’s friendly and flexible approach. We offer a full range of digital and web design , social media , advertising and content creation service; and the freedom to pick the bits you need for a project. As a medical marketing company, we can work as marketers, consultants, or don bear suits to inspire your staff, or we can go full-bore Madmen and show up in suits wearing masks, and treat you to a three-martini lunch. Not our thing, but we’d do it if you insisted.

More than just participation trophies

We have plenty of gobs of awards (someplace) for our creative work from places as diverse as the the Summit International Awards to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). See the work .

medical marketing budgetsOur real advantages are less tangible, like the ability to squeeze blood from your budget, the drive to continually, test, analyze, and improve results, and as one client described us “They get in the trenches with you.”

Tell us about the challenges you face, and schedule a free call with Susan, Biotica’s director of strategic services. We can help get you there. Book a free chat with Susan .

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Biotica medical marketing agency, Cincinnati The times call for ingenuity and creativity with budgets, work, and negotiation. Our team has decades of experience, from international medical devices and equipment manufacturers to doctors and MedTech startups. We’ve been through recessions, and we’re ready to kick our first pandemic in the you know what.
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For more than 20 years, Biotica has kept us at the forefront of our industry with new media and on-target powerful creative"
Steve Juenger
Haag-Streit USA
VP Sales and Marketing