Biotica Healthcare Marketing Cincinnati

The fast-acting medical marketing agency that grows healthcare brands

Biotica Healthcare Marketing accelerates the growth of healthcare brands, including medical devices, hospitals, physician groups and biotech startups. How? We disrupt markets with bold ideas, and wide-ranging capabilities across digital, social media, content, and web design.

Why Biotica works


  1. Sound marketing and brand strategies based on research and data
  2. Bold creative work that jump starts awareness and engagement
  3. Synergy of all digital, social media, web, and content creation platforms
  4. Analytics to monitor progress toward goals and guide even higher performance
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We speak healthcare. No translation required

Over two decades in medical marketing, we’ve picked up a few things. We know how to justify price for premium equipment and healthcare services, fight competition; and launch complex diagnostic equipment. And, we've reignited mature products and built vibrant brands for physicians, researchers, scientists, pharamaceutical, and medical device manufacturers. See the results for yourself.

Our clients get noticed

If a tree falls in a forest and nobody notices, it’s a waste of good lumber. The same holds true for medical marketing. That’s why we make sure our clients are heard and heard often with the people that matter. Failing to break through the din of social media, pop-up ads, and me-too websites are like that tree falling unnoticed in the forest. It’s a throwaway of a budget.

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We welcome healthcare behemoths or Biomed startups

Biotica seeks clients with great products and services, and aggressive marketing to move forward. Whether it’s a few people working in the next mechanical heart in a garage. Or a healthcare system launching a new cardiovascular unit, you’ll find that Biotica is committed to putting your medical devices or services on the right track to success.

Let's talk about goals.

Maybe you’re not even looking for an agency at the moment. But wouldn’t it nice to have a super-competent medical marketing agency in your pocket when the need does arise? Call Susan at 513-967-6480.

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