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Medical marketing strategies for tough times

The medical marketing agency with a plan for the economic downturn

Let’s be honest, things are a little weird out there. Especially for medical marketers. We’re here to help, because we’ve guided clients through three recessions. Not only did they survive, they increased market share on the backside. Many companies react to bad news by shutting down. It’s an understandable and human response, but it’s not the way forward. Let us explain. Right now, we have two articles about cooking up a recession strategy, one for a more general audience, " How to Become a Recession Bloomer " and recession strategies, for medical device manufacturers. We’re also here to chat and be your sounding board for free.


The times call for ingenuity and creativity with budgets, work and negotiation. Our team has decades of experience, from international medical devices and equipment manufacturers to physician practices and medtech startups. We’ve been through recessions, and we’re ready to kick our first pandemic in the you know what.
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Bold Work

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"For more than 20 years, Biotica has kept us at the forefront of our industry with new media and on-target powerful creative"

Steve Juenger
Haag-Streit USA
VP Sales and Marketing

How it Works

step 1 - set marketing goals


Define goal. Use research to develop strategy and achieve it.
step 2 - create a strategy


Design bold communication that solves the marketing problem.
step 3 - execute marketing strategy


Execute across social media, advertising, and digital platforms.
Step 4 - analyze results

Analyze and Refine.

Use analytics to trim and refine all elements. Rinse and repeat.

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