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Because We Know a Femur from a Drumstick
Biotica, a medical marketing company

Biotica is an experienced medical marketing agency that uses bold work to increase the profits of healthcare companies.

Experience matters when you need to move fast, explain a complex product, or quickly assess the competitive landscape. We bring more than two decades of healthcare know-how. But, more importantly, our creative work packs a wallop, and our strategies ensure that it hits the target. And, conveniently, we weave together and produce digital advertising, web sites social media, content, and more into a hybrid package, or to serve as a backup to your current medical marketing firm.

Biotica handles B2B and B2C to a clientele that includes startups to multi-national manufacturers. In short, you'll find that we talk to everybody! Our pricing in Cincinnati is mediumish, and if you're from the left or right coast, your estimates will come as a pleasant surprise.

Enjoy your visit to our website. If any questions are unanswered, we'd love to talk with you. Please contact Susan Abramovitz, partner, at 513-967-6480

Medical Marketing — Agency Services

marketing strategy


Get from Point A to Point B faster
web design and development

Web Design

Soup to nuts web development
social media

Social Media

Maintain awareness & engage
digital marketing services


Blogs, Video, Graphics
email marketing healthcare

Email Marketing

HIPAA compliant email campaign
digital advertising and SEM


Search engine marketing and web banners
print, tv and radio advertising


Print ads, radio, tv, and more
healthcare public relations

Public relations

Local, regional and national brand awareness.
Biotica medical marketing agency, Cincinnati

We're in a very good place.

Biotica is proud to call Cincinnati home, and that's good news for our clients. The cost of living is much lower than the coasts, which gives us more price flexibility (ask us about the client who paid us in chickens).

Also, the Queen City is packed with video, motion graphic shops, research companies, photographers, and strategists steeped in the marketing ways of Procter and Gamble. Yup, we've got talent!

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